The Financial Advisor Who Has The Roadmap To Secure & Grow Your Wealth
To find your way out of the Rat-Race, you need a Roadmap. And to get a roadmap, you need to choose an Independent & Local Financial Advisor. This is why Marcel is a sought after advisor. Watch this video below to learn more:
In this Strategy Session Marcel will discuss your current financial planning and policies. Then you will learn how you can double your retirement savings, earn up to 50% cashback on your Life Cover, and more. If you and Marcel determine there is an opportunity to work together, Marcel will schedule a meeting with you at his office.
  •  BUILD: Learn how to increase your wealth
  • PROTECT: Secure your income & assets
  • RE-Think: Learn what the Shared Value Model is
Who Is Marcel & Why Does He Love His Job?
"It all began when I started my first company at the age of 5, by packing rocks across the road & selling paintings to the  now blocked cars."
Marcel helps business owners & professionals, to grow their wealth, by increasing their cashflow and ensuring their income. This approach makes Marcel a focused financial advisor, who understands that business owners and professionals need specialised financial advice and that the old employee based advice to save and then retire will not work for them.
As an entrepreneur himself, Marcel has developed a financial advisory system specifically for business owners. This system understands that businesses already know how to make money and to create huge returns. What business owners and professionals need, is a financial advisory system which helps them secure the wealth they are already generating, increase their cashflows, and to create stability in the business.
Marcel does this by doing a financial health analysis, portfolio benchmarking, and then provides a plan forward. This includes:
  •  Retirement Planning
  •  Investment Planning
  •  Business Assurance
  •  Life Insurance
  •  Short-term insurance
  •  Medical Aid
  •  Wellness Programs such as Vitality
What Is An Independent Financial Advisor & Why Is Their Advise Considered Superior?
These are advisors who are not tied to or commissioned by any company. This enables them to can give independent & fair financial advise to their clients, compared to "Tied Agents" who have to give unfairly prejudiced advise. See some of the many companies Marcel represents below:
What Are Registered Financial Advisors?
These are advisors who are registered & are certified by law to give advise. The Financial Industry is a highly regulated industry, and to be qualified to give advise all advisors must be registered for each service they provide. Marcel is registered at all the relevant Ombudsman Authorities:
Who is Marcel's Team & company?
Marcel's team is some of the most seasoned and experienced specialists in the industry.  As a result, his clients get the best results & service available.
T&E FinOps (Pty) Ltd is an authorised Financial Service Provider established in 1998. T&E FinOps is contracted to all the major insurance companies in South Africa, is an authorized Financial Services Provider (FSP 15485), and is accredited with The Council of Medical Schemes (ORG2022). Marcel is a representative of T&E FinOps and is a Registered Independent Financial Advisor. See more here:
Esme Theron
Director, Key Individual, and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® .
Susan Hough
Representative Manager: Underwriting and Policy Administration.
Pieter Moolman
Paraplannner, and Financial Advisor Assistant.
Tiens Theron
Director Manager: Short term and Claims Administration.
Rule The World
Find out how income planning can create true wealth and how budgeting is killing your wealth creation.
Build Your Kingdom
Get your financial plan and start attaining your purpose you have always strived to attain.
Defend the Castle
Learn what the wealthy have been doing for centuries to secure and protect their wealth and assets.
Find out what Marcel's clients really have to say about him...
"Marcel does an amazing job. He isn't just into selling products but he sincerely wishes to help people achieve financial freedom. I know Marcel to be a sincere man of integrity and excellence."
Lourens Tredoux
General Manager at Hosting 101
"Marcel did a great job helping me plan my investments and setup a financial plan for me. He is professional and goes the extra mile to help you and find solutions for your needs. I would definitely recommend him."
Jacques Kruger
Engineering Technician at Universal Fans
"Marcel Wasserman is highly professional and knowledgeable. He is our financial broker and always advises us efficient and saving us tons of money. I highly recommend his services to anyone serious about their finances."
Heidie van Zyl
Director at Jandeka 
"Marcel did a fantastic job helping my wife and I plan our financial goal. We are well on track reaching our financial goals. It is a pleasure working with him. We can honestly recommend him."
Cobus Behrens
Owner, Down2earth Garden Creations
"Marcel is very professional and gives you the best options for your needs. I would recommend any one to try him. He gave me excellent service."
Stefan Marais
Owner Director at Integritas Global Logistics

"Marcel renders professional service and takes my calls any time of the day. He goes out of his way to answer my questions and provides me with sufficient information to make informed decisions.  It is clear that he makes my financial well-being his first priority. Highly recommended."
Dewald Kruger
Engineering Geologist (Pr.Sci.Nat.) at Aurecon
"Marcel helped me plan an amazing future for myself"
Juan Quinn
Owner at JQ Digital
"Marcel Wasserman is a very professional financial planner who is always ready to assist!"
Marilize Le Roux
Marcel Keeps Up To Date With The Who's Who
In a fast-changing & rapid-moving world, it is important to know what is going on and to learn from the best...
Gareth Cliff, South African radio and television personality.
Kura Chihota, CEO of Ascendant Property Fund.
Left: George H. Ross, executive vice president and senior counsel of the Donald Trump Organization.
Top: JT Foxx deemed the World's #1 Wealth Coach.
Dr. Dolf de Roos, Billionaire, Author of Real Estate Riches, Investor & Coach.
Coert Coetzee, Billionaire Property Tycoon and Coach.
Scott Picken, real estate investor, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Wealth Migrate and WealthE Coin.